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 The Association Financial Regulations 
This is the Financial rules and regulations for the BDL Association as it was created in 1980. It's one the main pillars that the Association relies upon.
 The Association Essential Rules and Regulations 
The Essential book of rules and regulations of the Association as it was implemented in 1979.
 Long Term Loan Matrix 
On the 11th of November 2010, the board of directors of the Association decided to link the long term loan amounts to both the contribution amounts of the members and the seniority of each member. This is shown in the above matrix.
 Long Term Loan Matrix of Intallments 
The Board has set the life of the long term loan to 3 years and therefore a Matrix of Installments was put in place to restrict the minimum monthly payments of the loan so that each loan would not exceed 48 payments to be completely redeemed (3 years X 16 payments). 
 Membership Request 

To be able to enter the Association, one should print, fill and submit the "Membership Request" along with LBP20,000 as a cost of share.

 Resignation Request 
This form should be filled if a member intends to leave the Association.
 Discharge Request 
When a member leaves the Association, he is liable to pay his outstanding loans and interests to the Association which in turn is liable to the member to pay his deposits and their accumulated interests.
 Update Deduction Request 

Members should Fill and Submit this form in order to increase or decrease any loan deduction.

 Update Membership Request 

Members should Fill and Submit this form in order to increase or decrease the contribution membership amount.

 Loan Request 
In order to request a loan from the Association, all you need to do is download this document, fill it, sign it and send it to one of the Association members so it will be processed within time. Kindly abide by the rules already published regarding the submission of the loans requests.
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الجمعية التعاونية للتوفير والتسليف لموظفي مصرف لبنان م.م.         رقم 165/1                                  بيروت في  23/10/2013                                             جانب الزملاء و الزميلات الكرام موظفي مصرف ...
The Board of Directors of the Association has called for a general assembly to elect a new board, 3 substitutes ...
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