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Thursday, January 1
 03 330721
Dear Sir, Dear Madam,
Kindly allow us to offer you a complimentary visit to try our exquisite facilities and services, where our highly experienced Trainers and Customer Service professionals will warmly welcome you to the ideal destination for those who wants to experience and enjoy a healthy lifestyle…. GYMBO
GYMBO stands out as an exceptional Health Club in Lebanon built over 800 square meters 
GYMBO has all the right ingredients and elements to make your visit worthwhile and get you started on a new journey towards well-being:
• A Gymnastics Hall
• A Professional Studio
• A Gymnasium
• Martial Arts classes
• Dance classes
• Children Activities
• Café
Our Opening hours are:  
Mon – Fri        7 am to 11 pm
Sat                   8 am to 9 pm
Sun                  10 am to 6 pm
GYMBO is proud to present BDL with a specially customized Corporate Membership having the following/here-below benefits:
-          Unlimited access to the facilities during GYMBO opening hours
-          Free Fitness assessment and workout program
-          Free Renewal of the Workout program six months after the membership starts
-          One Free Personal Training session / GYM inductor Workout Session
-          Two free Guest Passes every month
-          Free One Month Freeze (for ONE YEAR UPFRONT payers)
At the here Membership Fees:
-          NO Down Payment
-          Monthly           Payment paid at the desk                    66      USD
-          Six Month        Payment paid at the desk                   360      USD
-          One Year         Payment Paid at the desk                   660      USD
Terms and Conditions:
-          Minimum of four (4) Employees of BDL to register together
-          Offer will be applied upon the presentation of Employees business Cards
-          ONLY Direct Spouses (wives / husbands) of BDL can benefit from the above mentioned Membership fees.
Should you need any additional information or details, please do not hesitate to contact us
When your wealth is in your health … GYMBO is a MUST!
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